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Hi, thanks for dropping by. You might have heard of me from your school, your friends, your parents, or their friends.

I am Mrs Elizabeth Cheng, and my students call me Liz. I have taught English, General Paper, and Communication Strategies at University, Junior College, Polytechnic, Secondary and Primary School levels in Singapore, San Francisco, and Tokyo. My achievements and teaching successes are extensively featured by the local and international press.

As Communications Director at San Francisco City Hall, I wrote press releases, white papers, and speeches for senior politicians on education, transport, government/legislation, economic issues, societal developments, and crisis situations. In 1980, I scored the highest possible marks in the Test of English as a Foreign Language exam - the TOEFL has been taken by more than 27 million people globally. In 1990, Citibank conferred their Most Effective Business Presenter Award on me. 

​My work has been referenced by the National Institute of Education, which trains and certifies the approximately 33,000 school teachers in Singapore.

As a specialist tutor in Singapore, I use the new MOE syllabus. I have partnered with the Singapore Ministry of Education's Gifted Education Branch. For many years, I served on the judging panel of the Plain English Speaking Awards, which is supported by the Ministry of Education, the National Library Board, and the Speak Good English Movement. I am regularly invited by schools and universities across Asia to speak on my methods of teaching English, Creative and Analytical Writing, and views on education. 

​I chair a research team comprising leading educationists and English specialists from Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore. We develop systematic methods that help students learn more effectively, and these methods are implemented in schools and universities. I also created the SMART Method so that my students can confidently achieve rapid and sustainable academic progress when guided by my goal-oriented teaching techniques and resources. SMART stands for Strategic, Metacognitive, Appropriate, Resourceful, and Think. Each of these goals are vital in your development as an effective writer, and I will show you how to correctly apply these to score higher grades.

​A solid education is the best investment that parents can give to their children. It is necessary to note that the new curriculum and test formats in the PSLE. GCE "O" and "A" Level exams place a very heavy emphasis on true competence, and do not significantly reward repetitive practice. Increasingly, students are not tested on what is explicitly stated in their textbooks, nor in the practice sheets that are sold in major bookstores. Exam stress is caused by this uncertainty, as well as by the very real fear that our minds will go blank once we start reading the exam questions.

​Competent and nurturing tutors know what the student should focus on, so that learning can be more efficient. This increases the exam-readiness of the child - and can greatly help in building self-esteem, and in delivering the best exam results.

I am a full-time tutor. My students' grades before attending my lessons have ranged from F/Grade 4 to A1.

the SMART method (TM)
​ensures your success